In order for a city to boost its trade and create a lot of businesses and eventually jobs for its people, businessmen band together to form an organization that will handle all the issues and interest of the business of the city. These organizations are usually called Chambers of Commerce and cities usually have a chamber of commerce in its population. Their usual role is to lobby policies that would be beneficial not just to their own businesses but also the welfare of all other businesses in their city. The chambers of commerce is a group of businessmen which serves as the board group and hired people that will serve as either the Chief executive officer, president and staff to make the organization fully functional and remove the notion of biased approach of the organization favoring one business member over the other.

A chamber of commerce can constitute of a dozen member to well even to hundred of thousand members in a large city. The membership on the local level is voluntary and their main goal is to boost the interest of the business of the member. Depending on the status of and ability of the chamber of commerce they may be approach by the local government to help develop the business of the whole city and they became a powerful organization in the city that can lobby policies for the business welfare. If properly organized, the chamber of commerce can bring a lot of progress for the city.